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    30v cam chain tentioner ???

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    Hey been looking for diy and such with not much luck. I have the driver side VC off and intake cam unbolted and CCT unbolted but canít seem to get it out. Is there any tricks to this?? I have the CCT tool and and just donít have the slack with it all the way compressed to get it out?? I donít really want to pull the exhaust cam for the fact I donít want to deal with loosening the timming belt. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Considering that engine is essentially the same design as the 1.8t in regard to the timing I believe youíre going to need to loosen the exhaust cam to get the clearance. You donít need to mess with the timing belt though..

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    Iíve done tons and never unbolted the any cam. Put the engine at top dead centre then compress the tensioner, unbolt it and then slide the gasket up over the dowels and the out, stab the half moon with a pick and lift it out, set the new half moon in (little tricky but you can do it) and then put the new gasket in over dowels and set tensioner back on dowels torque

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    If you are changing the tensioner, you usually need to remove the intake camshaft and the just one bearing cap on the exhaust cam. The one nearest the chain. That allows enough room to swing the tensioner+cam+chain up and out.
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