I have recently bought a set of 3d party LED door sills but during "attempt" to install i came across a setback in the newer models.
Normally these LED sills are to be connected to footwell lights or reading lights, (un)fortunately my car had the ambient lighting pack which replaces all these interior lights by RGB LED connected via CAN-BUS.

I basically tore open every piece i could find in search of a cable i could connect the LED's to, but i haven't found a single one that powers on/off with the door. I tried the relays but those didn't offer me anything either.
I went to erWin audi and downloaded the files i could find on the B9, which were not abundant, to find any information. Eventually i found that there should be a compartment or a cable pre-installed yet i do not find this anywhere.

Is there anyone with experience installing these or any idea's on where i could possible connect these?
Any help is appreciated!

PS: I have no experience in this whatsoever, it looked easier on youtube