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    19 by 9 wheels on 2008 S4 (B7) - Possible?

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    Hey all, new Audi owner here. looking to change up the wheels on my S4. Stock is 18 by 8, 45 offset. the new ones are 19 by 9, 35 offset. With the wheel mounted, there is 15mm space between the wheel and the suspension, so I think that's even more room than with the stock set-up, so no problem there. The issue is that the 19 by 9's seem to stick out past the edge of the fender. I have not mounted a tire there yet, so not sure what will happen; maybe the tire will be narrower than the wheel and will work ok, not sure.

    Question 1: is there enough suspension travel that the tire will hit the fender lip if it sticks out past it?

    Question 2: has anybody done this, and if so, how does it work? What size tires?

    I've bought the wheels, haven't bought tires yet, so have some flex there. I was thinking 245/35/19, but could also do 235/35/19. Either is within a reasonable amount of the original size in terms of OD or total height.

    Here are some pics...

    For you Audi experts out there, please let me know what you've been able to do!

    Thanks all,


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    Edit: play with this website. You can experiment with tire sizes, offsets, widths, etc. It'll tell you how much more poke you have, suspension clearance, speedo error, etc.

    But yes, you're not the first person to put wide wheels on a B7 lol. My friend had 19x10 Rotiforms on an identical S4. Some more info about your suspension would be helpful. Looks like stock suspension from the photos. I doubt you'll have any issues with rubbing then as there's a pretty decent gap between tire and fender. It's all preference otherwise, especially if you have future plans to lower the car.

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