I am going to install a aftermarket sub from the custom subwoofer shop on Etsy with the 10in Audison sub. Also ordered the AudioControl 1.300 to power it. I am retaining the stock sub at this point.

My question is this. In reading lots of threads some have tapped into the stock sub for signal (ch 8). Some argue this is not a good idea as there is no clear data to show what the frequency range is on this line coming out of the amp.

It seems that those who have had theirs done by shops have tapped into one of the front mid bass (ch 3). Seems this spits and goes to mids and tweeters. I presume this means it is full range signal.

Anyone have experience is that the way to go or know what the sub signal frequency range is?

Thanks all. Parts are on their way so I figured I would get this part figured out in advance.