Hi everyone,

I just got my new 2018 S5 Sportback. LOVE THAT CAR!!

I'm learning the various features of the MMI system. So far, I like MMI's navigation better than Apple Maps / CarPlay. I've been trying to find the best configuration to allow me to:

  • Use MMI Nav
  • Speak text messages and have incoming messages red out lout
  • Play iTunes music from my iPhone

I *think* I have it pretty much all figured out, except, it seems like I am forced to use CarPlay for sending / receiving texts, and I can't find a way to automatically sync my iPhone contacts with MMI such that I can navigate to, for example, a friend's home using MMI

I have the MMI Connect app on my iPhone, but it seems bit tedious to have to manually sync contacts & addresses with MMI this way.....

Is this right? Am I missing something?