Hey guys I just picked up a 2014 SQ5 with 90k miles on it. I just bought a set of 22 x 9 wheels with a 35 offset. I plan on running 265 tires. My question is to get this lowered there are a million options. I am looking to figure out what are my best options so Im thinking option 1 - Bilstien B8 shocks with H&R springs (Is the -1 lower than the -3??) or going with the KW variant 1 coilovers for option 2. I am not tracking the car I am simply doing this to get the car low as possible to look goood with the wheels. If there is an option 3 im all ears or whats the best setuip from the research ive done so far.

Are these my only options and what is the best route to go? Do I need SPC control arms / camber kit too?

Oh and ive got a quote for $1400 labor and that seemed steep to me.