May I have some feedback from those that have used the AEM WATER/METHANOL INJECTION KIT FOR HIGH COMPRESSION NATURALLY ASPIRATED ENGINES. Are there better ones to consider? I presently have a 2007 A8L 4.2L FSI. The 2 main features of an injection that I feel would really benefit the 4.2 are the cleaning aspect of the steam for the valves, pistons & chambers and the increase of the fuel rating. There is not a lot of room in the cramped engine bay so it looks like a long haul from the trunk area may be needed. Is a filter necessary? Should the line diameter be increased? Control placement? Vagcom changes to fuel - timing maps? I'm in Manitoba, Canada ... yah freeze your butt area ... should lines etc. be insulated - the washer fluid goes to -30+ around here: example Blue Thunder Washer Fluid -25F, -35C, -40C (Methanol CAS No.: 67-56-1 30-60%).

Thank you for your time and efforts.