Hey everyone, I just picked up a 2015 A8L 3.0TFSI, and looking to get a few things in order. I've briefly searched here and AW without much recent and/or relevant info. Listed below are the things I'm considering and would love some input/advice. Overall, will most aftermarket items for the 3.0TFSI platforms work in my case? I'm assuming some things will physically be longer, but items such as a tune and pulley's should be applicable. Is that accurate, and has anyone done it?

- Are there intake options? Or will an intake for any 3.0 application work?
-The MMI (AMI) connector w/ lightning port. There's 2 models that appear to be work, however they both have their quirks. I'm only looking for audio playback, controls, and charging. Do I get the AL cable or AC cable?
- Has anyone installed an aftermarket sub and are all the hook-ups in the trunk?
- Anyone local in South Florida know of a car wrap installer? Looking to do Satin Pearl White.
- Anyone local in South Florida have a VagCom (Ross-Tech) cable and can assist me with lowering the ride height?
- Has anyone used an aftermarket exhaust system, or did a custom setup? Mainly for function, but also for a deeper refined note. I was thinking of cutting out the resonators and changing the mufflers to Magnaflow's; thoughts?
- Anyone local have a set of 21" Rotors they're looking to sell/trade? Mine came with the 20" 5 spoke split-twisted wheels.
- Can I use the APR supercharger pulley's for the 3.0?

Again, I thank you in advance for your time and feedback. It feels so damn good to be back in an Audi - and the flagship at that.