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    RS5 Style Grille Group Buy (Matthew Hansen)

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    Just wanted to provide some feedback on a group buy experience I had recently. The Group Buy was for an RS5 Style Grille for my 2011, B8 A5. It was coordinated by Matthew Hansen ( I PM'ed him regarding the Group Buy in Early March after seeing it on Tapatalk. He replied to my initial email within a day or two to let me know that I could still get in on the Group Buy. He told me that the price was $195 shipped and explained that the vendor was allowing individual orders at the group buy price since he had done a number of previous buys with him.

    He then stated the following "If you are ready to place an order you could go ahead and send the $195 "as a friend" option to my paypal or if you use the "pay for a good or service" option on paypal be sure to add their 2.9% fee for a total of $201. In the paypal message be sure to include your username, name, address, phone number, and type of grille you would like." Against my better judgement, I chose the $195 option and sent the money to him via paypal the next day.

    I received a tracking number about a week or so later and the Grille finally arrived about a month later on April 12, 2018. The box was pretty beat up and busted open at one end so I took pictures before opening it. Once opened, I found the grille inside a taped, bubble wrap bag that was wrapped with packing foam that was also taped. After cutting through the tape and removing the grille, I immediately noticed that the large mounting bracket on the driver-side of grille was broken off. To make it worse, the broken part wasn't even in the box! This made me believe the grille was likely broken before it was ever shipped.

    I immediately sent Mr. Hansen a text message with pictures of the damaged grille to let him know the condition of the shipment. After a couple of days, he replied "Sorry about the unfortunate situation. It looks like it broke a portion of the mounting tab off. What does the other mounting tab on the other side look like? It will probably fit fine once you get it installed." I told him that I didn't want to put the broken grille on my car but, I would think about it. I also stated that "It looked like I was out $195". He then said not necessarily.

    After thinking on it for a day or two, I decided that I didn't want to go through the trouble of removing the bumper cover and the grille only to install the broken grille and have it vibrating as I drove down the road. Besides, if it had been advertised as a broken grille, I definitely wouldn't have paid $195 for it. I told him that I didn't want to use the grille. I've reached out to him several times but, I've heard nothing.

    I think I've been more than patient and decided that this was the best way to let others know about the manner in which this has been handled. He seems like a nice enough guy but, I'm still out $195.

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    If his user name is b8 s4 then ur probably screwed. Lots of people never recieved what they paid for and he won't answer pms or emails apparently.

    Sucks but this is why only vendors are allowed to run group buys around here.
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