Although a number of different Audi Clubs may hold similar events, I have to give a shout out to the Audi Car Club Chicagoland chapter's event. If you have a teen driver, invest in them and their safety by taking them to this clinic! Full disclosure -- the only reason I joined Audi Club of America was to access this event (Chicago is 3 hrs away from me, and I probably will not have numerous opportunities to take advantage of the more social activities) and have no financial incentive or reason to plug this event ... other than the event, instruction, and people who put it together and participate are phenomenal! I had told my son for many years that I planned to take him to a Skip Barber driving dynamics and safety course after he received his license. Last year, when searching I discovered Skip Barber had declared bankruptcy, so I expanded my search and discovered the course linked below.

This is a top notch experience that far surpassed my expectations in every way. My son has had his license for about 11 months, and I believe that was good time frame for him to take the course (he had some driving experience, including driving 50 mile freeway stints in snow, but not years of it). This is not a "rules of the road" course but emphasizes driving dynamics and safety with one-on-one instructor/student practical exercises (a single instructor is assigned to only one student for the entire day). My son drove our 2007 Audi A4, which used to be my daily driver and which he has helped detail and maintain since he was 10 years old. I tell you that to tell you this -- I am a spirited driver but never in 7 years of daily driving the A4 have I ever driven it like he was able to drive it. At the end of the day yesterday, his skills in handling that car surpassed mine.

THE OVERALL RESULT: I am convinced my son is a safer, more confident driver because he has more "book" knowledge and understands his abilities and the car's abilities and limits ... AND he had a BLAST doing so!

Once my daughter gets to his age, she will be going through the course.