Everything is brand new, unless listed otherwise.

Take everything off my hands for $4500USD shipped to your door. I use either fedex or DHL, who ever my consolidator uses for the best price. Takes around 3-4 days to arrive.

New 034 VR6 01E flywheel
New Southbend KF771-SS-DXD-B Clutch
New INA RHS engine mount
New Phaeton Oil Pan
New Custom Up-Pipe exhaust manifold with PTE flange and re-routed wastegate
New 3.5" downpipe
New custom RHS trans bracket for DP clearance
New Fluidampr for 2.8/3.2 VR6
Custom plug'n'play harness with Mafless basefile on ME7 ECU (made for RHD B5 S4 - if you're LHD you will need to shorten by about 2ft or so)
Modified 3.2 fuel rail with AN fittings
Used LHS engine mount (with -4an oil feed welded on for turbo feed)
Used Starter motor for VR6 flywheel and 01E/01A gearbox