So i had to replace the thermostat on the car and also removed the front bumper to get to replace a leaky hose ( some critter decided to chew on) for the driver side head light washer . I disconnected the battery during the service. When i connected everything back up all fixes worked fine, but two new problem arose.
1) both left and right yellow day light running lights or marker light wont turn on and trigger the failure in the information status.
2) A TPMS malfunction where the tpms warning blinks for a minutes then stays steady and information screen shows TPMS MALFUNCTION.

I checked the 5 amp fuse for the TPMS and its fine. I programmed the tire pressure setting but the malfunction is still there. I am not sure where the fuse for the marker lights is. But i find it wierd that both bulbs are not working, i looked at bulbs and they look fine.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

I will try to get a vag reading tomorrow and perhaps thing about disconnecting battery to clear alarms and see if that helps.