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    B8 s4 mt6 problem shifting

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    Hey guys I have a 2010 b8 s4 6sp and I'm starting to have problems witth my transmission , or at least problems shifting into diff gears. If I were to start the car and drive after having it off overnight, for the first 15 min or so, it shifts smoothly. But now say I've been driving for a while, or sitting in traffic, the shifter gets hard and if I remove it outta gear into neutral or downshift, it's extremely hard. Almost as if the car doesn't want to go into gear. Extremely hard in first and second gear, I feel like I'm gonna snap the shifter rod going into gear. Sometimes the car won't even engage first or second , or reverse. I gotta shut the car off and place it in that gear and then turn it back on.

    When the car is off, the gears enaged extremely smooth, like churning butter. But with the car on(I get it's harder cause things are moving inside the tranny when car is on) it's hard. I thought it was the slave causing issues, so I bled the slave, and it's a bit better but seems like I'm still having the issue. Also flushed the tranny and rear diff and that also helped but still hard as rock.

    Someone help me !! I just wanna know what it is so I don't just randomly change parts hoping it'll fix the issue .

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    Based on the description it sounds like the clutch is not disengaging fully when hot. 3 major things can cause it: master, slave or something inside the bell housing. One thing you can do find a way to measure the range of motion of the slave rod when cold and when hot precisely. If itís the same then the problem is inside the bell housing, otherwise itís one of the two (I assume youíve already checked them for leaks thoroughly and found none).

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