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    B5 TDI 6-Speed Swap Into a B6

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    The 5-speed in my 1.8t B6 A4 Quattro isnít gonna last much longer and Iím considering replacement options. I scored a 6-speed Quattro from a B5 A4 TDI with 4.111 gears along with axels and mounting brackets (for $140, can't complain). Since the B5 transmissions use subfame side mounts instead of the B6ís crossmember mount, has anyone ever swapped the subframe (which uses the same sort of side mounts) from an automatic B6 A4 into their B6 manual in order to install a B5 tranny?

    Iíd be yanking the necessary parts from some donner cars in the local salvage yard. From what Iíve read, the 6-speed trannies in the V6 and 04/05 models use the same rear prop shaft as the autos. The tranny is gonna be geared really low for the 1.8 but since I do a lot of highway driving at 80+, I think I can live with it. Also, is the 5-speedís clutch & flywheel compatible with the 6-speedís? If this is completely outlandish and can't work, let me know why. Trying to do this cheaply, btw.
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