Ok....so Ive had my 1979 Camaro Z28 sitting in the garage for quite some time.....the value of the car has gone up considerably but because of the type of car that it is....the longer it sits the more work it needs and I have not driven it in 7 years.......

I think I'm going to sell the car and buy a later model TT - TTRS of an S5.

My plan is to keep this car very low mileage to preserve it's resale value....I'm talking 2000-3000 miles a year tops.
I'm planning on keeping the car for about 20 years or so.....
While the Camaro can be fixed with a $6 socket set.....the Audi cannot.......thus I'm wondering if there is and published material on maintaining a car that is driven so very little......any info you can give me would help.

Undriven cars seem to develop their own issues when stored