I know. I know. I know, A complete waste of money when at the end of the day I could just go buy a BMW M variant with a MT and have similar, if not better, power for a lower premium. But here's the thing, my first car was a B6 A4 which I have now given to my girlfriend (who adores the car along with Audi's heritage). Then there's me, I currently daily a MT B8.5 A4 and am completely in love with the newly designed A4/S4's. If it was up to me, I'd bury myself in an Audi.

So here's my question, would it be more cost effective to purchase an S4 and manual swap it with the offered A4 manual transmission (probably go stage 2 clutch) which of course would be in the ballpark of $17,000 - $23,000 once the original tranny is sold and everything is newly programmed. ORRR, would it be cheaper to purchase a MT A4 and just try my best to replace everything in the car to match an S4....which in my opinion seems kinda ehh. By everything, I mean the alcantara seats, steering wheel, Audi zone lighting, etc, etc, etc. Keep in mind that regardless of the car I choose, I will be tuning it and would prefer to work on the V6 platform instead of the 2.0t which I already have.

Am I forgetting any major components for the manual swap? So far I know I would have to add the pedals, clutch, shifting mechanism, center console trim for the manual, and ecu programming.

(I also have a shop that is willing to take this job, no need to emphasize how no one will do it)