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    Ko4 install overboost trouble

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    Hey everyone. So I just installed a ko4 on my B5 A4 Quattro and Iím experiencing some overboot. The car has the GIAC stage 1 tune already along with a cone filter and catless exhaust. Has anyone else slapped a ko4 on their b5 like that before or experienced the same thing? Iím thinking of just adjusting the wastegate possibly? Let me know. Seems once it goes passed 20 the car starts to misfire. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Retune. Boost control(pid) is not set up for that turbo. Can try and run MBC for meantime with n75.

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    You need a tune and injectors to support the turbo. Also check spark plugs may be getting spark blow out under load. Once tuned for it if still overboosting which k04s tend to do you can run a mbc parallel with n75 to limit boost to desired level.

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