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    Trying to learn as much as possible before buying

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    Hello Audizine

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

    I am looking to purchase a new (my first) vehicle and I believe it will be a B8.5 S5. I do try to do as much reading as possible but I wanted to see if I can extract any valuable information from those with much more experience than myself.

    I currently have been looking at a 2015 S5 Technik with about 60k KM (not CPO, I know it will be an auction purchase) and have way too many questions to list here without keeping this short and sweet.

    I understand I will have relatively less information due to the fact it is an auction purchase but I wanted to know what kinds of things I should be inquiring about and looking for. Anything from common issues, good practices regarding checking certain things or to stay away from non CPO purchases altogether.

    I would appreciate any advice as I believe there is much for me to learn. I will try my best to answer any questions.

    Thanks again for your attention and wish you all the best!

    P.S I do have some documents including some details (VIN, specifications, etc.) and the Carproof report if any are curious and think that may assist them in helping me.

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    Hey I am in Toronto too , with a B8.5 S5, and took me months to find the right car I wanted (specific specs, 6MT, kms, clean record, CPO, etc). I know with the auction you may save some $$s but unless it's your dream S5, personally I would stay away from it. That is totally my opinion tho. I've had mine in the shop 3 times in a year. Once for the carbon cleaning (which is a "common" issue) and twice for faulty sensors setting off warning lights... Probably less common. The CPO on my car was for 3 years after I bought it or 150K (also with 60k at purchase from single owner 2 year lease hand-in). In my opinion again, unless the car is half the price... the CPO work already done to my car is definitely in the thousands and I am very happy to not have had to shell that over. It's inconvenient to have to get warrantied work done, but they give me a loaner each time (pfaff) and its hassle free otherwise. These cars arent cheap to fix or service/maintain, or mod... so don't blow your entire budget on the purchase haha. Not the guy to give you more in depth analysis on common issues or things to look out for. Just common sense stuff when buying any car or big purchase for that matter

    What sorts of things are you questioning? Reliability, daily driveability, winter driveability, service schedule, mods help, etc? In general, myself included are on this thread because we love the cars, and are somewhat enthusiasts. Might be tough to find negative comments unless you find that thread on "what you hate about your S5" haha and read the minor things that can be comical but I guess annoying to some haha!

    again, its a tough call. Im not one to gamble so personally I wouldn't with my car. If you like the little bit of risk all the power to you. Im sure TONS of people do it and never have a problem! So I don't think you'll get much help in people telling you what to do. People can have their opinions and thats it. Not sure what else to say other than its a fun car, and even MORE FUN once you go down the endless rabbit hole of mods!!

    Good luck. Post if you end up getting it!
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    Search for the B8 buyers guide. I believe itís a sticky thread in the b8 A4 forum. Although youíre looking for an A5 the options are similar.

    Major things to worry about are:

    -Cam bridge screens being removed.

    -timing chain tensioners. (B8 issues only)

    -oil consumption caused by faulty pistons rings (B8 issue only)

    - Carbon build up on valves

    If you can beat all these issues you will rest peaceful at night, good luck and happy hunting!

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    Can't thank you guys enough for your replies.

    I'm fairly certain an S5 is what I want and I have no worries about it regarding its potential as a daily driver and holding up in the winter.

    I will definitely keep the carbon issues in mind throughout my search from here on in and I would like to thank you both for the time you spent in your responses, it means a lot!

    My gut feeling is to skip on this auction purchase and remain patient for the perfect CPO to pop up. I would feel much safer with their warranties. I actually plan to go Pfaff on Monday to inquire about the warranty, service records, and any other information they can give me about the vehicle. If the warranty is basically non-existent, I am certainly passing on this option even if it were $10k (most likely going to be $5k) less and continue my search.
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    Here is what I did when I bought my S5 a year ago:

    -Searched all over for paint, wheels, interior, and options I wanted. Found one with at least half of the original warranty left, but it wasn't CPO. Made an offer on it and agreed on a price within my budget.

    -I asked the dealer to take it to an Audi dealer, and paid the Audi dealer $300 out of my pocket to do a CPO inspection and send me the paperwork. They found issues with the tire tread and it needed an alignment. Told the dealer and they put new tires on it and got it an alignment for free.

    -Saved myself about $3000 from getting a CPO. Extended warranty was about $3500-4000, so I could still do that if I wanted, but instead I put the money in a high-yield savings account for when a major component goes. I put in a hundred or so every month, so it is up to about $6000 now and gains me 1.6% interest.
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