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    AutoTalent | ALPHA Performance | R8 FSI V10 - Calibration - +75HP GAINS

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    R8 FSI V10 - Calibration

    The beautifully designed Audi R8 5.2L FSI V10 shares the same naturally aspirated powerplant as the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. Unfortunately, it is delivered to the owner with a lower horsepower and torque setting in an effort to maintain separation between the two in the luxury market. MORE POWER THAN THE LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO MADE EASY.

    With a quick installation of an Alpha calibration map on the power control module (PCM), your R8 will benefit from an additional 75 horsepower and 60 ft-lbs torque! Thatís a substantial increase in power output even surpassing the Gallardo LP560-4! Of course, peak power output isnít everything.

    Unleash the power the factory held back. Order your Alpha Calibration today!

    MSRP ECU Calibration $1,499.95

    Big Benefits, No Compromises

    Just like all vehicles using an Alpha calibration file, your Audi R8 will exhibit smooth, stock-like drivability. The only difference is a dramatic increase in power and acceleration. With Alpha software managing the R8ís engine, you can now experience exhilarating and unrestricted performance all the way to redline. Whatís even better is that youíll be able to enjoy all this with no detrimental effect to fuel economy at partial throttle or cruising speed.

    Exclusive Benefits
    • +75HP / +60 FT-LBS Of Torque
    • Improved Throttle Response
    • Smooth Power Delivery
    • Stock-Like Driveability
    • Speed Limiter Removed
    • OBD II Emissions Compliant
    • Safe, Proven & Tested Results

    How to Place Your Order:

    Phone Domestic: (855) 973-2757 X 104

    Phone International: (310) 231-7800 X 106





    Feel free to visit us at our facility in Los Angeles, CA.
    We install everything we sell.

    19143 S. Hamilton Ave
    Gardena, CA 90248


    All orders are shipped via FedEx, UPS, USPS and Pilot.

    International, Hawaii and Alaska customers: Please contact us for the best quote possible.

    Hours of Operation:

    Monday through Friday: 10AM-7PM Pacific Time

    Saturday: By appointment only
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    Quote Originally Posted by AutoTalent View Post
    Take a look at the dynograph below and you will see our calibration file for the Audi R8 was written to ensure optimal gains at any rpm level.
    Very nice. . .I'm guessing, since I can't see it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SQive View Post
    Very nice. . .I'm guessing, since I can't see it.
    I'm going to remove that until I get a hold of it. That was all that was provided, haha.

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