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    "Send to vehicle" address, why is my MMI not displaying notification?

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    Need some help here guys:

    So I've had my car for 1 week and I STILL cannot get the "send to vehicle" addresses to pop up in my MMI when I send it via the MMIConnect audi app.* My S.A. has an A4, and he showed me that he basically goes to the app on his iPhone, puts and address, sends it to his vehicle, and when he then goes to his vehicle and turns on the car, the MMI shows a notification and asks if he wants to route to the address.

    In my case, I do the same exact thing, but nothing shows up!
    I go to my app, find and address, send it to vehicle, and when I get into the car, there is NOTHING.* I have to manually go to my connected Audi menu, goto connected Audi addresses, and say ok to a couple of screens, and THEN I see the address there.

    What am I missing?* we've checked his settings in the car, and they seem to be the same as in mine, and I cannot get it to work.

    ​​​​​​​any help would be appreciated.

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    Most likely because it's a useless POS app. But that's just my opinion :D

    But on the flip side, if you've registered your car, and the phone is within range of the car and WiFi is enabled, it should work.

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    I as well have to go “retrieve” any address that I send it. It would be so nice to turn on the car and have it prompt if I’d like to route there. Hopefully this is something that can be addressed via an app update and does not require an MMI update. Which reminds me, time to post feedback on the App Store.

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    Same with me, i have to search for it within the mmi
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    I have to search as well in my new S4.

    I thought then whole point was NOT to have to retrieve it. Ugh.

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