I have a B7 3.2, while the engine is just a regular v6, its not regular when you open the hood up!

I open my hood and see just a nice looking engine bay, the way the engine covers, red coil packs and harness covers, all bring such a pleasant sturdy powerful look to our power train.

So when I look up at a new 2018 Q7 3.0T engine, its just a black sheet of plastic! No motor, no metal, no shapes or looking functionality! Its as if you threw in a black cardboard box that makes 333 horsepower and said "there ya go".

I see too much plastic on every single engine these days, it seems like Audi was the last to hold their definition of a premium car, especially when it came to dressing our engine bays and our headlights.

What can you do to end the plastic?