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    2018 CPO A4 Ultra FWD PP vs A4 Quattro AWD PP

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    Hi, I am coming from a 2012 EX honda civic coupe . I have driven honda all life and like the gas mileage, reliability of the car. However, I am wanting something more sporty and fun such as the new A4s. I live in Texas and have never drove AWD. My local dealer has a CPO A4 Premium Plus AWD with nav/virtual cockpit/B&O listed for $38,991. They also have another CPO a4 thats FWD Ultra with nav/virtual cockpit/sport/19 inch wheels for $34,995. With a audi, everyone always says to go quattro but I like it mainly because of the exterior/interior and technology such as virtual cockpit. I really like the virtual cockpit since my Honda also has a digital dash. The technology/body style is the primary features that attracts me to an audi instead of BMW/Mercedes/Acura TLX. If not driving aggressively and just having something more powerful then my 140hp Honda, would you say the FWD is a better fit? Its considerably cheaper, and I am not even sure if I will feel the difference as much having coming from a Honda and being in Texas. Is the maintenance on a Ultra FWD cheaper than AWD? Is insurance the same? Thanks for you advice. Below is the listing of the two cars. They are both demo cars. Also for demo cars, is there anything important I should ask the dealership of the car before purchasing? Appreciate the advice!

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    Even if you don't get the quattro (which I think you should), you are going to want the increased torque and horsepower on Texas roads.


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