Hey guys, my dad has a 2014 R8 spyder and occasionally lets me drive it. Last fall right before we put it away, and this spring I've noticed the S-tronic transmission is acting a little funny. It's hard to describe but I'll do my best.

You know how when you go to do a 2 step launch control, after you let go of the break the revs hover around 5k while the clutch bites and the car comes up to speed? Well the car seems to do that any time I floor the accelerator from a stop. Even with traction control on and sport mode off. It almost like the clutch is slipping. It's starting to get pretty annoying because sometimes I just want to give it a quick jolt off the line but I cant because first the revs run up to 5kish before the car even starts to move. I know this isn't normal because the car never used to do this. Also the car has only been launched 10 or so times since we've gotten it so its not like we have been beating on the transmission.

Has anyone ever encountered this?