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    Dreday’s R8 Build! @TheRealST1LLDRE

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    Hello Audizine! I know the R8 section is dead on this forum, but I hope my build will get it poppin’!

    I never thought I’d be writing a post about my new to me R8. This was never in my realm of attainment, but hard work pays off!

    First, if you don’t mind, a little history. I’m a Peruvian immigrant who arrived in the US when I was 5 years old. Terrorism in the early 90s led us to flee the country. I had a modest upbringing in a small mountain town in upstate NY. My amazing parents never made me feel like I was underprivileged or anything, even though we had some hard times. Anyways, I made my way through school and the corporate world, took some risks on myself and here I am!

    Now, on to cars! This is my 4th Audi. I’ve had a B6 A4, B6 S4, B8 S5, and now an 09 R8. I guess I’m a brand loyalist. Growing up in a mountain town I always needed all wheel drive, but the great body lines and amazing interior kept me coming back.

    Side note, if anyone wants to put together a forum snowboard/ski trip I’m down to organize!

    I made the “decision” last year that I wanted to go for an R8 this year. I said, it would be nice to make this happen before my 30th (made it with 30 days to spare lol). I sold my S5 and my Touareg (don’t worry i commute to work via train lol), stacked some money and waited...

    My non negotiable requirements were black in color, manual transmission and <30K miles.

    Finally, I found an excellent condition Phantom Black R8 V8 17K Miles with a manual transmission and black Alcantara interior in Raleigh, NC. Score!

    I scouted various sites for a few months and it popped up in my price range on Autotrader. Previous owner was a cool dude and easy to work with. I asked for an Audi PPI and I flew in the same week to scoop it. It was a fun drive back to NY/NJ!

    Only thing that’s annoying is clearing a lien from a digital title, and then getting a printed title for a state that doesn’t use digital titles. The whole process took almost a month.

    I have a lot of plans for this car. My cars are always modified, with my S5 being the most recent. My S5 had a wrap, air suspension, custom trunk, 2 piece wheels, AWE exhaust, carbon bits, light engine mods, and tons of other small details. Here are a few pics:

    My plans for the R8 are somewhat in a similar direction, but, a tad classier? Lol No wild color as of now, but keeping a sleek look. I know this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the car will be getting air suspension. I love the look and the ride. Air Lift has done a great job developing their R8 system and I’ve heard great things. I’ll share that install and review on here. Other initial plans include Eurowise exhaust and some nice wheels. And take it from there!

    I’m active in the local car scene. I’ll be at plenty of shows/meets in the tri state area. I’ll also be in Savannah for European Experience. Hopefully I get to meet some of you. Feel free to reach out to me.

    I look forward to contributing to this forum/thread and sharing my progress. This forum has been extremely helpful and I look forward to continuing my membership.

    Thanks for reading. Here are some pics in stock form!

    So I started writing this before any work was completed. Phase 1 of my build is complete so now I’ll share parts of the build over the next few posts in the next few days. I have a ton of pics of the progress... for now, here’s a peek!


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    Didn't waste any time.. looks awesome in stock and current state.

    Congrats on the R8.
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    Nice. Congrats!
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    Awesome Dre! And I’m in for any snow boarding trip!

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    Congrats again Dre!! Really happy for you!
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    Thanks for the kind words so far!

    First up was air suspension and exhaust install. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a big air suspension guy. The comfort and adjustability are unmatched in my opinion. I plan on tracking the car a few times and will report back on how the suspension handles under those conditions.

    For air suspension I went with Airlift Performance struts and 3P management. I also opted for a seamless 3 gallon tank from Bagriders. I sourced the air suspension from Atlanta Air Ride. Best prices hands down.

    Misha @Rat4life based in NJ was my preferred installer. He’s been bagging cars for over 10 years and came highly recommended. He’s honest, meticulous, and affordable.

    I explained my vision for the trunk set up, and he took it to another level! On top of that he’s a really nice guy! Here are some pics of that project:


    Misha also took on the task of installing my exhaust. I chose the Eurowise Performance race pipes. They were the best sounding for the price in my opinion. I sourced the pipes from @nemesisautosport
    Fair warning... they are LOUD! lol

    We ran into a snafu with the exhaust. They are built to order, and unfortunately they built Gallardo pipes instead of for the R8. They bolted right up, but were too short to reach the bumper...6-8 hour install, ouch. Fortunately, Misha is awesome and worked with me while Eurowise quickly built me the correct pipes.

    All good because they sound amazing(once we got the right ones lol)! Here are some pics of the exhaust install. 50LB weight savings!

    ^oops didn’t quite make it to the bumper on the original lol

    ^Lambo Vs R8

    Thanks for keeping up! More posts in a couple days!

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    Loved that S5. This is going to be an epic build.
    @drewcorrado @doubletakewraps

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    Looking sweet!
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    I’ve seen and driven in it and it’s a complete ANIMAL!!

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    Dre! Pictures! We are all dying of suspense here!

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    Terrific thread! I’m a fellow first gen immigrant myself so have to smile when I read the backstory. I have to say the R8 intrigued me quite a bit and Have been tossing the idea of this vs a lambo vs Mclaren. I guess it comes to service and the Audi makes more sense because otherwise I’ll need to drive to Chicago for service or go private shop.

    Hope you’re having a great time with this beast and look forward to more pictures.


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