Ok in early January I picked up a used 11 A6 avant with @ 89k miles. Tire came with 4 new Goodyear Sport 245/40/18 tires mounted on OEM 10 spoke wheels. I took car to reputable local indy Audi specialist in first few days for once over within 5 day dealer return window. They noted all 4 tires @ 11/32 tread at the time - aka new. Nothing was noted by the shop as appearing out of sorts with the car however as I drove I noted some tracking issues and had car re-alligned at local audi dealer who noted that car was not close to being in alignment . This was done within my first 2k miles with the car. I'm not an overly aggressive driver on a day in day out basis but I will admit in trying to learn the cars performance envelope especially during the winter as I've not had a AWD car before. Having said that car is not tuned, not doing burnouts or autocrossing etc. So now 4 months later I'm approaching @ 5k miles and my rear tires are down to the treadwear indicators.

Tires have a 93 load rating where Audi requires a 97XL. The UTQG is 560/A/A and Goodyear says they are 50k tires. 1/10 of that does not seem normal.

Any other C6 avant owners having issues or suggestions on causes as I don't want to put new tires on just to have the same issue happen to the new set.

yes cross posted on AW.