Don't know where to post this, but I'm looking at a used Audi in Destin, FL at a used car dealer. I'm a couple of states away. Want to do a pre-purchase inspection before I either travel, or have the car shipped.

The car's still well in warranty, but I'd like to make sure it's general condition is good, there's nothing that would have voided the warranty, etc. It's under 20K miles, so it's not really close to an expensive service, either.

I can do an internet search for Audi service, but there only seems to be a couple of options, neither of which seem to have a lot of online feedback. There's a third import shop that seems to mostly do BMW's and Mercedes. They may be fine for an inspection at the level I need it.

I cross posted in the regional forum, but this is as much a general question as to how to find a shop as it is a recommendation post.