Has anyone in PA had a small utility trailer inspected and registered?

I got the absolute run-around today.... I purchased it from NorthernTool.com.... 4'x8' utility trailer.... 1785lb. GVWR. Made in China, obviously, but bought online. Tried to get title at AAA via MV-1 form. AAA told me I have to take it to "the airport" to get customs documentation in order to get a title. (Yeah, no way I'm doing that.). DMV tells me AAA is out to lunch and it only requires an "enhanced" safety inspection... which the local shop quoted at $200. This inspection is nominally for a "specially constructed vehicle" (e.g., hot-rod)... and they tell me a kit trailer falls into that category. I can't believe I have to pay 50% the price of the trailer to get it inspected.

Any one else dealt with this? I tried to find an exemption on the PA DMV, to no avail. Searching that site is like rummaging through a dumpster to find an edible ham sandwich. Am I missing something?