I just bought a set of Alzor 349's for my b6 a4. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-alzor-pa...our/349a-15kt/

After a ton of digging I found several old threads of people who still don't know what OE replacement caps will fit. ECS' website says the Alzor cap is 60mm, but apparently some audi caps hook in differently and still don't fit even with the correct diameter size.

Two questions...

1) Has anyone with experience figured out what cap fits the 349? Not just size, but exact cap? (Part # would be great)
2) If I can't find a replacement cap, I'll go the way of stickers instead. I believe the sticker size for the Alzor cap is 56mm. Can anyone confirm that? And... any recommendations on where to buy from? I see most are suggesting ebay, any specific seller you'd recommend?

Thank you!!!