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    SQ5 Stretch Bolts and Torque Question

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    I am trying to replace the springs and struts on my SQ5 with the H&R/Bilstein combo that I recently ordered (Thanks Mops!). I searched for my question, however, I came up empty except for a nice link to the ECS B8 A4/A5 installation document. In reading the doc, it mentions that you need to replace the TTY/stretch bolts and I have not been required to perform this step on previous spring/strut installations. I am attempting to order the correct bolts from my local Audi dealer.

    For anyone that has installed springs/struts on a B8R SQ5, do you know if there are any differences in the bolts between the ECS document and the B8R or have you documented the bolts that were replaced during your installation? Also, what about the torque specs, are they the same was well? I would assume that they are similar given the B8/B8R shared heritage, however, I don't want to assume anything or run into an issue once I have it on a rack and the suspension disassembled.

    If I missed a post during my search or my eyes missed the answers to these questions in a post, please forgive me. Would you be so kind as to provide a link and I will gladly read the post for the details. For reference, this is the link to the ECS install document I mentioned above: ECS B8 Coilover Install Guide

    Thank you very much and I look forward to sharing this "ride" with all of you.

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    I plan on reusing least for the time being. I spoke with a pretty reputable shop about it last year, and they hardly ever replace them. No way in hell I'm replacing all of them every time I tear it apart just to make adjustments/changes either. I figure once I'm 100% set on the suspension setup for good (probably never happen ), I'll go back and swap in new stretch bolts.
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    Torque to yield bolts rely on the stretch to hold properly. If you compare an old one to a new one you can see the threads stretched.
    Will it hold? Sure, is it right? You know the answer. if your in rust country it's an even better time to replace them.
    Also remember to torque the control arm bushing bolts in the loaded position for longest life.

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