My winter wheels are 18" 5-arm-star wheels, but I have no love for the 18's and don't live in an area that gets much more than a few inches of snow typically. I do however, love the look of the 19" Audi 5-parallel-spoke wheels and would like to switch to those for my winter setup. Some of you probably live in regions where it makes really good sense to have 18 wheels and a good set of snow tires and if that's you I'm looking to make a trade to a set of stock 19's.

My wheels were on my car for about 5 months before I switched to my summer wheels. They have no dings, scratches or blemishes and are wrapped in stock 245/40/18 all-season tires (Pirelli's I believe). The tires have roughly 6800 miles on them and are basically like new with tons of tread life (no curb rash, punchers, nails, patches or side wall damage). I would expect anyone looking to make a trade to have a similar situation on the 19's (ie. like new, low mileage and no damaged/curb rashed wheels).

If this sounds like you please reach out to me and let's get something done over the warm summer months before old man winter makes a return!