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    The Winter Curse on my B5

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    Hey guys, I've owned my B5 for about 2.5 years/23k miles. Never really had a big issue with her, besides the LR wheel bearing. This past Winter has been a test of my loyalty towards my car. Mostly little issues here and there, but so frequently. Adversities with my car this season:
    *Passenger mirror motor (plastic slider snapped)
    *Coolant reservoir for the second time in a year
    *Four new tires (I'll get back to this)
    *Car stopped running properly with the GIAC ECU in (after a year), put the stocker back in
    *Fan Clutch (had a spare)
    *LF Outer CV joint is about to explode, getting a new one in tomorrow.
    *Transmission mounts
    (Then the dumb things...)
    *LED for security light on the driver's door failed (can it be replaced?)
    *Small crack in the windshield by the rear view mirror (in between panes of glass)
    *Someone keyed my RR 1/4 panel after I shot fresh paint on it..
    *My Smog SAI pump is now officially toast

    What issues have you guys had this past year?

    Now then, about the tires.. I've had a hell of a time with them. Cooper Zeon RS3-G1's in 225/50/16 trim. Upon our first snowfall this season, I noticed my car was not stable in even a dusting of snow, so I brought it back in under my alignment warranty, had the front toe and rear camber adjusted. Car drove well, but about 1000 miles later, I noticed that the LR tire was already around 1/2 of its life on the innermost 1/4 of the footprint (after about 2500 miles out of a 50k rated tire). So I brought the car back in to have the camber looked at again. The same shop the car was at twice says the rear suspension cannot be adjusted for my model of car. So I followed the service tech to the shop area, and showed him the adjustment points (Thanks Audizine!). Claims those bolts will never move again, and they could cut bits of my rear subframe out and charge me 2-3 hours of labor to get new bolts and bushings in (I hate scam artists...) then the service tech claims my clutch is roasted, and he said it stalled going on to the alignment rack, so they had to shove it up. Brought the car out to the country (which has some VERY steep hills). First gear on a 30-35 degree incline, and it pulled right up several times. Dropped it in 5th at 30 and tested to see if it would slip (Of course it didn't). So I officially had enough of this shop. Went to a different location, where the very friendly manager offered to take a look at my car and let me know what he could do. He texted me pictures of the alignment specs. (Pics exceed allowed size) but essentially, the front is "Pigeon-Toed", and the rear alignment is not perfect, but not tire killing bad (according to the manager). The manager stated it to be mostly impractical to align the front at this time, as some ball joints in the front control arm set are loose (I personally have seen about 1mm-2mm of movement in the front back lower arms). Fortunately I have a new set of arms to go in once the weather clears.

    Now my main concern is that the manager doesn't have a good explanation for why the LR tire is wearing the way it is, as the camber and toe are close to spot on. He said he believes the front tires aren't wearing terribly as the car may be "aligning itself" as I drive, since those ball joints are loose, potentially allowing for the pigeon toe to correct itself as the car travels down the road.

    Now is where I turn to you guys. I've had a couple other gearheads I trust look at the tire, and they can't think of any plausible solutions besides the strut, or bushings. Although one mentioned the rear diff as a possibility, but that doesn't make much sense. What tests could I do to narrow down the possibilities for this tire? Anyone with similar experiences?

    Thanks a lot, Hunter.
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    rear bushings somewhere, either control arm or rear tie rod(toe adjustment), or the joint on the rear tie rod is loose, if you can't adjust those rear toe eccentrics buy 2 new arms and bolts and cut the old ones out and bolt in the new ones, some good sawzall blades and its a 45 min job.


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