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    Video: BEST SEALANT/WAX COMBO! featuring Matt from Obsessed Garage

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    Hi guys!

    This week, I present what I believe to be the best value sealant/wax combo. Good longevity out of the sealant, and great depth, shine and slickness with the wax. Hard to beat for the price. Also, there's a guest appearance by Matt Moreman of Obsessed Garage!

    Also, in the comments under that video on YouTube, feel free to let me know what sealant/wax combo you guys use! :)

    Enjoy the video!

    In English:

    In French:

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    Thanks for posting and nice video! I use the same combination and it works very well...just love how easy it is to take off the power lock.

    PS keep up with the great videos...I am Canadian (living in Texas) so enjoy seeing the Canada license plates :)
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    Same combo here. Best so far! I don't often get to polishing, so I might throw on the Chem Guys EZ Creme prior to the other two. Seems to fill in the swirls pretty effectively.

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    Have been using WIZARD products for the past 5 yrs. I am a real detailing nut. Have not found another product for SHINE.
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