I'm in the market and wanted to see if anyone had firsthand experience with both of these models. I posted the same question in the b8 S6 section, so I thought I'd ask here to do a comparative analysis.

I understand these are very different cars, and I don't want to go down the "naturally aspirated vs forced induction" rabbit hole. I'm just looking for a fun daily driver that I can haul a child around in. I don't anticipate tracking the car, but I do like to go out on spirited drives. If an RS6 were available in the US, I think I know what my answer would be. I have looked at the older RS4s, but the higher mileage cars make me shy away.

For now, I'd prefer keeping comparisons stock/stock. I could dress up the S6 with some new shoes and possibly an RS grill down the road, but we'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Pros on RS5 (As I see it)
More aggressive styling
Better sounding exhaust note
Better re-sale

Pros on S6 (As I see it)
I think the quilted seats on the S6 are gorgeous and wish they were offered throughout the whole line.
4 doors
Adults could ride in the back
Serious HP when tuned.

So, for ~$45k which car gets your vote? Feel free to school an Audi newb on any major points I've missed.