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    What Tune and Hardware u Running?

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    Trying to give us all a consensus of what is the most popular and of course reliable Tune and supporting hardware for our Platform. Post what u are currently using on your car. Rs3/Ttrs. Also tell us what u think about performance and Tech Support & Customer Service. Cheers.

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    I've got the stage 2/2+ from Iroz Motorsport consisting of their downpipe and intercooler and software from Custom Code. I can't comment yet on the performance aspect of things as I somehow broke the center joint of my driveshaft while doing the install 🤦*♂️

    As far as customer service goes I would call it good not great. Alik from Iroz has answered all of my emails in a timely fashion and answered the phone the one time I had to call. Only issue I had was they said everything was in stock when I ordered but it wasn't. They did send me out a loaner flash tool because Custom Code had an issue with parts received from their supplier. Custom Code has been great to deal with. Last night they basically flashed my car for me remotely and it was about midnight their time.
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