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    MMI No Sound for Radio, but CD and Bluetooth Audio Work Fine

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    I have a 2013 Audi Q5 2.0L with Navigation Plus MMI. This afternoon my radio sound went dead, even though by all indications on MMI display the radio is working fine. All the stations are there, it shows the artist/song info, but absolutely no sound. This goes for both terrestrial and satellite (Sirius XM) radio. However, CD playback and Bluetooth audio streaming from my phone works perfectly, with no noticeable audio issues.

    I've tried multiple MMI system resets, factory reset of radio subsystem, switching between Telephone/Bluetooth/CD/Nav/Radio, but no luck. I've checked all radio/MMI fuses, both front and back, with a DMM and they are all fine. I did a scan with my OBDEleven scanner and there were no faults found on sound system or in any other systems in the car. I've searched this and other message boards but haven't found anyone who has encountered this same set of symptoms.

    Any ideas on what the issue could be, or what else I can do as a next step to diagnose? Thanks for your help.

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    Must be a bad tuner. As you said, everything else works ok, so, bad radio?

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    I agree. In many Q5 the tuner is in the rear left. Radio and Sirius are built into one unit. Bluetooth and CD changer are separate units. Maybe somersetting in the radio tuner fried affecting only Radio and satellite. - iPod iPhone & Aux Specialists - Radio Replacement Specialists


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