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    Quote Originally Posted by 1975audi View Post
    Is this the non return valve from the inner valley?
    Audi recommends changing it along with the oil strainer when replacing the turbos
    Yes, it is and after a trip through the ultrasonic cleaner it moves and functions just fine. It's only a ball and spring. I'm taking my chances. I could see if it were badly gummed up.

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    My dealer (1 of 10 in the Greater Toronto Area) has replaced the turbos on 4 cars in the last couple of months.

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    To the OP,

    Someone beat you to it:
    2018 RS3 Glacier White European delivery (picking it up in June)

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    Quote Originally Posted by S3DUDE View Post
    To the OP,

    Someone beat you to it:
    Damn, By a LONG time too.

    Looks like my S6 found a new home this weekend. Dealer has it listed as sold after only 1 day on the lot.

    The new Q7 is nice but I miss that V8.

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    My S6 sold fast after the trade, too. Just waiting to see it show up on here. He finds my posts...and then come the questions. None of which I can answer, of course. lol
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    Boom goes the turbo...

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