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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnEnglish View Post
    No it's not a breach of contract. Audi doesn't say anywhere that they guarantee the service for X number of years or anything like that.
    Mmmmno, maybe they donít but..... when it stops working, is it not a defect?

    I already know the answer. No. Itís unfortunately not a defect, because itís intentional.

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    No it's not a defect. The stopping of service is intentional. There is no guarantee of the continuation of service for X number of years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kodachrome View Post
    Gotta be honest and say I am not a fan of this self deflating tech that is now in cars. Unlike a lot of things, not even the hardware can be partially upgraded to fill the gaps between the cars I buy.
    So with this said, I donít need or want much because why get attached to things that instead of getting better, go away?
    Seems that Audi would be wise to get ahead of this somehow, losing a feature they advertised so heavily across that many cars is a potential customer loyalty and PR nightmare.
    Brutal Audi, brutal....
    this is so pathetic from a marque that sells itself as the technology innovator, yet cannot solve it's own in-house problems before designing the "greatest and best" tech systems to create a solution for problems that don't exist . i'm swearing myself off of ever making a purchase again from the vw/audi family due to the increasing revolving door mentality of treatment towards their current customers. this is why audi will always and forever be a second tier "luxury" marque.

    thankfully, audi has been faithful in maintaining their famous understeering chassis in all of their lines while manufacfurers like lexus has started leap frog audi in the interior design, construction and aesthetics - all at the same time making vehicles more natural than pushing under heavy acceleration. when it's time to replace my 2014 s4, it's definitely not coming from the audi line.
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    This issue is simply one more reason to never pay for a factory nav and connection services (unless you need a mobile hot spot for wifi). As a product like WAZE now works with both CarPlay and Android Auto, these obsolescence issues go away. Audi responded by making Virtual Cockpit/Nav standard in many Premium Plus trims for 2019. Otherwise the take rate may have approached zero.

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