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    2018 q5 premium plus pricing

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    Hope someone here can help. I am trying to get a deal on a 2018 Q5 premium plus 3 yr lease w 12k/yr. I've been trying to connect with LA dealers and everyone is shady. "If you come in, I'll be happy to make a deal." When I give them a price range, they all just try to upsell instead of giving me their bottom line.

    I have an A4 that's lease is expiring in 3 months, and it only has 23k miles on it with a $22k payout. If I turn this car in and the dealership turns it around as cpo, they'll easily make $2k on it.

    Given that my current car is worth a premium, and the Q5 I'm interested in isn't overly loaded - I just need back up cam and sensors, blind spot warning, and backup sensors - I want to get a payment of $475/mo with all fees rolled into the lease and $0/mo.

    Is this a realistic ask? Can someone give me the real bottom line lease payments that I should be making in this situation?

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    In short, yes you can definitely get close to $475/mo with only paying drive off fees as a down (Maybe $2k or less)

    But few things first. I highly doubt you will get anything for your lease. It costs the dealership to CPO a vehicle so that $2k spread just went out the window.
    The only thing you have going is that if you get into a new lease, you won't have to pay the $350 disposition fee as long as you're within 90 days of your lease end. You will also be responsible for the final payments of your lease if you turn in early so you can either time it out or have the dealer eat the last couple payments which might be difficult given that it's an A4 and not something rare.

    Currently the rates are .00169 MF (4.056% APR) and .58 residual for a 12k/year lease over 36 months.
    There's $1000 loyalty incentive and I think you can get at around 10-12% off MSRP.
    But are you looking for the virtual cockpit? That's a $3000 package.
    Lastly, you might as well add Audi Care since it adds 1% to the residual so it's pretty much a wash when it comes to the payments.
    I have a guy you can talk to, but he's at an OC dealership. I got 10% off my SQ5 when most dealers were only giving about 6-8% at the time.
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    My friend got the a Season of Audi p+ Q5 in Jan with all fees rolled in with first month paid and .zero drive off at $525/month for a 36m/12k lease. He didnít have virtual cockpit. At the time of the promo, there was a 1k loyalty and 1k marketing credit with 1st month paid. Not sure what current deals are so I donít know if you can get a 475/month on a P+. Current model is a hot seller right now so Iím hearing only 6% discount. Maybe 10 is possible if you have a good relationship with a dealer.

    From leasing experience, find a sales person willing to work out the numbers via email. Be firm that you donít want to waste your time or their time doing negotiations in person. You just want to be able to come in after you finalize your numbers, test drive the car, and then sign the papers. If they insist you come in to work out a deal, find another dealer or sales person.


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