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    Audi S-tronic and Inkjet Printers

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    As a person dealing with some transmission problems with the S-tronic DSG gearbox in a 2013 S7, I'd like to get anyone's opinion on the process they go through to diagnose a transmission problem.

    It seems like the Mechatronic unit is known to fail occasionally. Replacing the Mechatronic is roughly $4000.

    I got my car back and 3 weeks later had the transmission error code come up and put me in safe mode. Of course prior to changing out the mechatronic they did everything they could to rule out a full transmission replacement, running fluid checks for metallic content, visual inspection of transmission, etc. Now I am having the full transmission replaced.

    Here's my problem with the way this is handled (at least in my case), and I use an analogy of a inkjet printer. If I had a printer that was not printing and took it in for repairs, and they looked at it and said, oh, you need all new toner, and then I spent $100 on toner. I get the printer back and it works for a week, but then stops printing, and then the repair people tell me, well we need to replace the printer for $300, and of course the new printer comes with toner pre-installed. I'm like - what about the $100 I spent on toner??

    That's kind of how I feel about the Mechatronic. Audi doesn't refund or take a return on a 3 week old Mechatronic when it didn't fix the issue, and the new tranny comes with a mechatronic.

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    mcqueen, I feel your pain. I'm a Volkswagen tech who owns an Audi A3. Coming from the technical side of things the service team should have advised you that the mechatronic is not a 100% garenteed repair to the vehicle and it's a repair at your own risk kinda thing. Unfortunately there is no way for the techs to fully tell if the transmission is about the self destruct or not. Seems like they did the proper diagnosis but they should have priced a full transmission replacement and the mech unit and gave you the option. Unfortunately once a repair is made, especially with a transmission part there is no going back. VAG may offer some kind of discount or split the costs for a new unit depending on serive history of vehicle even if it's well out of warranty.

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