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    New S4 runs hot?

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    Picked up my new S4 last night and I noticed it runs pretty hot after spirited driving.

    It was mid 30's here and after a 0-60 run I was at 220, after 2, 225.

    Seems to sit around 205 most of the time.

    That seems pretty hot for normal running. The time it takes to cool down is pretty long too. Good mile or two in cold weather to drop 6-7 degree's. Normally at high way speeds in cold weather the temp would drop pretty fast.

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    I honestly have limited insight about the B9s, but I routinely see my B8 A4s oil temp around 195-205 in the winter, and a tad higher in the summers. I also assume youre referring to the oil temp here. Regardless, Im curious what you had previously that youre using as a reference? If it was an SCed B8/8.5 S4, Id guess that the turbos in the B9 produce more heat than the SC.
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    New S4 runs hot?

    Thats consistent with what Im getting. Also, the turbo is ridiculously hot and takes hours to fully cool down.

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    I take it not planning on following the break-in procedures? This won't necessarily affect operating temperatures, but engine quality.

    As good a time as any for another reminder / PSA:

    Page 80 from our manual:

    "A new vehicle must be broken in for the first 1,000 miles. Do not drive at speeds that will exceed 2/3 of the maximum permitted engine speed (equals ~4333 RPM) for the first 600 miles, and avoid full acceleration during this period. You may gradually start increasing the RPM and the speed between 600 miles and 1,000 miles. During the first hours of use, the engine has a higher internal friction than later on when all moving parts have settled into place with each other."

    "How the vehicle is driven during the first 1,000 miles also affects the engine quality. Drive at moderate engine speeds after the initial break-in period, particularly when running a cold engine. This will reduce engine wear and improve the mileage."
    As for the temperatures themselves that you are describing, this is normal. I have my car set to C, and I only see the temperatures you are describing after max-performing the engine. Under normal driving after 15 to 20 minutes I notice the temperature seems to stabilize around 90C (195F), with the ambient outside temperature around freezing. After "spirited" driving it is advisable to drive at normal loads for a little while to let the engine cool down. If you shut down right away after a hard run, you will notice the fan blowing hard even with the car completely turned off and locked. This is a self-protection program for the engine and turbo, but also an indicator that more time was needed for cooldown.

    The twin-scroll turbo design in the B9 receives the exhaust gases practically right out of the cylinders, so it tends to run hotter than other turbo systems. Of course, this also means we get the lowest possible amount of turbo-lag (practically nil). It's a great system, just a little different from what some may be used to.
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    Mines sits in the low 170s after my last oil change. Was a bit higher from the factory....190+

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    OP didn't specify if its the coolant temp or oil temp.. If that's referring to oil, sounds normal to me. Some good reading material here about oil temp..


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