Hi all,

First time posting here but I've been reading for the past years. I've watched a ton of youtube videos on the S4 B9 and read what I could here before posting my question to get your input on the question.

I've been debating what trim to choose from for the 2018 S4, I need to decide this week. Budget doesn't allow me to go with the fully loaded prestige with rear sport diff so I need to pick my battle to make it fit in my allocated budget.

Choice A : premium plus + sport rear diff + carbon inlets

Choice B : prestige

I don't care so much about the virtual cockpit, it's certainly a nice thing to have, but how much will it make me enjoy the ride compared to the rear sport diff. Not having the B&O sound system is a bummer, but how bad the basic audio concert in the premium plus can really be? I'm coming from 12 years driving a Subaru WRX (2003 and 2013) so anything Audi has to offer will be a huge improvement.

Does anyone hear a noticeable difference between the B&O sound system and the audio concert in the basic trim?

I'm not planning to do any lapping with the car, just some sporty driving, some drifting as I'm stuck living up north with a ton of snow for 4 months a year...

I would really appreciate your input to help me make the most enjoyable ride out of the upcoming S4.