Hey guys,

I think my shocks are finally giving up after being on springs for the past couple years. I'm thinking of picking up some coilovers but wanted to hear some reviews from real world C7 users.

The first kit I'm looking at is the H&R Street kit. I'd like to go PSS10 but I'm probably not keeping the car another few years so I can't see spending the extra on it there. I'm also in need on tires so Spring is already looking to be a few grand in parts.

Anyway, I'm frugal but not willing to buy cheap junk. I'd rather buy a decent setup from the get go (never should have bought springs and I knew better).

Please leave a comment on your setup with regards to comfort, adjustability (don't want to be on slammed on the highest setting), and handling improvements. Also, a picture would be great but not needed.