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    Winter Snow Buildup Help

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    I'm looking for a product that I can just spray liberally (no wipe) all over the wheel arches, door sills, heck even the door panels, trunk lid and everything. I don't care if the car looks like I smeared butter on it! I just want all this snow to stop sticking to the car!!

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    I'd actually leave it. Better to have snow as a blanket to help prevent chips from road material that tends to get scattered like gravel thanks to both mother nature and plows. It will also insulate it from salt and help dilute it when it melts off.

    That said, the best way to gain a hydrophobic property is through a ceramic coating. Keep in mind though that any solvents like gas, brake dust/fluid, etc. aka Road Grime, will eventually make it's way to sticking to even a coating thus reducing the hydrophobic properties. It's most noticeable on rocker panels and doors. I'm OCD and just tend to rinseless wash my cars every 3-4 days or so.
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