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    CV axle joint popped out help!

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    Hey guys, wondering if there is an easy fix, doing lowering spring and just about finished with the right side and I pulled to hard and popped the inter cv joint out. Though I thought I had it in all the way it moves very freely (to much) up and down. Not sure if i moved balls etc. Not sure if this is an easy fix or do I need to pull everything apart and remove the how axle? Any advise would be most helpful.

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    You should be able to pop it back in if you didn't do anything weird. You can push against the cv boot to make sure the bearings are seated properly. If not, you might have to take it apart which requires new cv clamps and possibly grease.

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    I did this once and holy crap did it end up being an ordeal. You eventually can get it to pop back in but be careful. When I was attempting to get mine back in we weren't sure how much pressure to apply and didn't have everything lined up and apparently did some damage to the joint. Had to get it replaced not too long after.
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    What is strange is its actually in and working (turning) but there is moving side to side as if something came apart or not in correctly. Will be removing the boot today to see what shifted.
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    Got it! 2 of the 3 bearings come off, had to remove one side of the boot and put them back it. Pain in the butt. Looks good lowered though LOL


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