Happy New Year Audizine!!! I hope everyone is well and had a wonderful holiday with family.
I will try to be brief, looking for insight and hoping my suspicious isn't correct.
A couple of weeks ago, I started getting a pending fault... code.

Didn't think much of it, cleared and drove normal. Then I noticed rough starts in the morning, sputtering, I gently revved the engine and it smoothed out. Drove for about 2 weeks.


Did a Google search and decided to replace the hockey puck valve, I think it's called positive crankcase valve. I also purchased a PCV but haven't installed yet.

While replacing the hockey puck, I noticed coolant was a little low. Went around and, fingers crossed, hoping she would cold start normal, no dice. Cleared codes and they haven't come back.

My suspicious is my head gasket gone again? I replaced it 3 years ago and/or 50,000 miles ago. Seems like a long shot, but I noticed a little white smoke, not much but enough and sweet smell, ugh as I write this my skin is crawling... Please tell me I'm wrong, I don't want to do that one again...

Things I do regularly:
Oil and filter, every 5k
Plugs every 10k

I haven't replaced coil packs since the revision, don't know how long ago, but I could look that up.
I haven't replaced the coil pack wiring.

Any help is most appreciated. Thank you kindly for any and all replies.

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