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    Vibration like unbalanced drive shaft....

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    Hey guys, so for several months my car had a slight vibration while cruising, I thought it was abnormal but I wasn't 100% sure it wasn't there all along. For the past couple weeks there's a new problem, which is it feels like power cuts out like a missfire while cruising, and also at idle I can feel it stumble like a miss. This went on for a couple weeks, no CEL. Yesterday I got a CEL on cylinder 8 for a missfire, must be a coil right? Do you think that also would be contributing to the aforementioned vibration? The vibration has definitely slowly gotten worse, the car feels like it vibrates like crazy if I get on it.

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    Most likely axles. All of my audis did this when the axles were bad. Solved it with replacement.

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    If you have a B6, 6MT it might be the dual mass flywheel going bad.
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    More than likely the misfire is a coil pack or spark plug. You can swap the coil pack to a different cylinder and see if the misfire follows.

    My last b7 s4 developed a misfire with flashing CEL, and it was the spark plug. Part of the porcelain had actually broken off into the cylinder.

    If you donít know when the plugs were last replaced, Iíd recommend doing all as preventative.

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