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    New tires, is alignment needed?

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    I just had Costco put on Michelin Pilots to replace the annoying Dunlops that came with my S5. $70 off plus 1 cent installation. I had been debating about whether to get summer or all season tires. Even though I'm in Florida, I drive up north a couple of times a year and when I was up in New England last fall the weather got very chilly and the Dunlops would squeal like a stuck pig (to go along with the brakes, but that's another story.) No inclement weather thankfully, because I dreaded driving on snow with those tires. After a cold snap here in Florida last month (50's) the tires started singing again until things warmed up. Then, last week I developed a slow leak in the left rear, Costco had their sale going on and I decided it was time to bite the bullet and spend $900 on new tires. Ordered them online on Saturday and they were installed on Thursday. So far, ride seems quieter and smoother but might be placebo affect?

    Costco recommended an alignment in the next 500 miles. They did not mention any extraordinary wear on the old tires, so it was just a general recommendation. From what I've read, an alignment from the dealer can run as much as $300 (or more). Never heard that recommendation before, but then I've never put new tires on a Quattro before either. Is an alignment after new tires SOP for Quattro's?

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    I would certainly get it checked if I was installing new tires, itís not a requirement but itís peace of mind you wonít go wearing through that new rubber.
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    JamesRS5 has is right. You typically do an alignment with new tires, to recheck your suspension values, ensuring they are within spec (or as close to as), and to help make sure your tires get factory intended wear.

    Keep in mind if you're on lowered suspension, your alignment will likely be off slightly. I believe that about every 1" of drop on these cars is roughly equal to -1 degree of camber.
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    I don't think it's required but may correct some small things. I usually do because when I change my tires, it's typically because I've worn though them, vs them being POSs and changing them out.

    Price-wise, lots of dealers have "service specials" on their website that you can get discounts on things like parts or alignments. Prices seem to fluctuate by area a lot. Usually up my way is one for $200 but the last one I went to up by my parents in NJ had a special of $130.

    Just be sure to check around for any grease prints--I've had mixed luck depending on what dealership or shop I've been to.

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    It's just a good time to get it checked in order to not burn through your new tires. There is no mechanical reason to require it.
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    I would, at least depending on when the last was done. Alignments are relatively cheap and go a long way to protecting the investment in your tires,.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesRS5 View Post
    I would certainly get it checked if I was installing new tires, itís not a requirement but itís peace of mind you wonít go wearing through that new rubber.
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    You need an alignment CHECK anytime you put on new tires. If Costco doesn't offer one, you can take it to any other aftermarket tire shop, like Firestone. Make sure it is laser aligned, should cost about $25 or so. Alignment through a dealer can be up to $300, but a Firestone or other aftermarket shop can do one for $150 or so.

    I put new tires on in October and it passed the alignment check without issues. Been running straight as an arrow for the past 7,000 miles and now it's due for an oil change, tire rotation, and alignment check again.
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