Looking for a good mechanic around the Spokane WA area. I have a 04 a6 sline 2.7t that could use some work, and eventually some major work. Its at 135k and has an oil leak somewhere towards the front right of the engine leaking onto to exhaust manifold, very small leak but smells the cabin up a little when idling on a calm or no wind day. im pretty sure. I need some h&r coil overs installed and maybe a few other suspension parts. Other then that she doesn't have any major issues, in a year or two id like to pull the engine, toss some ko4's(or go crazy and do a giant single) on and maybe do a 6mt swap and do some bbk brakes. Most of the shops in my area over charge all most as much as the dealer. My last mechanic moved away so im looking for someone to give money to!!