Hello Audizine!

I'm Eduard, from Romania, and for three months now, I'm the owner of a '00 A4 B5 Quattro Sport.

Bought by accident really, since I was after a practical daily, managed to get one of the rather hard to find, very few still alive Quattro Sports. Car came from factory with a 1.8t 180BHP AJL engine, Quattro drivetrain and Sports chassis.

Wood trim for interior, climate control, Sports cloth interior with electric lombar adjustment, electrochroming, electrical and heated rearview mirrors, also foldable.

Running strong at 240.000kms, got upgraded with a K04-015 series turbo from previous owner since he probably burned out the K03s one that came with the car. The car has also got a 1.8 N/A head along with N/A camshafts.

I love the car to bits, it's probably the most clean B5 I came across, ever. Currently it's my daily, undergoing basic TLC, needs rear shocks and springs (rusted out and broke), discs and pads all-round, but minor stuff.

Few pics of the car below.

I'm glad to be here, lots of useful info and friendly people, hope I get to stay for a while since I'll be keeping the car for a long period of time.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story!

Kind regards,

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