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    Transmission Leak and rough shifting? Not sure what this fluid is?

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    Hi everyone,

    I wish my first post were not tech related, but the other day after a snowfall I moved my '14 A6 2.0 and noticed this directly under the middle of the car (photo taken once I got home). Car had been sitting for 2 days...I started it and pulled ahead to clear out my wife's car.

    My transmission also, to me, shifts rough between 2 and 3, more so in warm weather. The typical complaint in stop and go, lurching, bump coming to a stop, etc. that I have read about plaguing some Audis. I have performed a few "manual" adaptations using key and it helps, but not for long.

    So I make myself an appointment at my purchasing dealer. They called to tell me:

    1. Car is bone dry and they suspect the fluid was either picked up on the road or there from some time ago/ previous work and it may have just now, found its way to drip off of my car. I am not sure I am buying this as it reminds me a lot like the secret Seinfeld spit incident

    2. Transmission has no fault codes and drives like it should. I asked them about ensuring the car had the updated software and they advised that since they could not detect anything, the shop foreman was not going to check into it further. Essentially, come back when it does it again. They are aware of an updated TSB without fault codes (once I asked them) and advised that they did not consider this applicable since their foreman, who supposedly is the man to determine if cars shift ok, did not detect anything.

    This is my first Audi and the first vehicle where I cannot easily check my transmission fluid.

    Any thoughts on what to monitor? Should I take it to another dealer for a second opinion?

    Car is ending factory warranty in Feb but has CPO through 2020.

    I appreciate any guidance here, thank you!
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